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The cover art for Stoney Island Dreams. A green cabin surrounded by forest trees and rocks is centered, with a cloud above showing a blue and green bed that holds a man and woman lying side by side looking at each other. The tops of more evergreens form a border along the bottom. A teaser is appears below the title - 4 nights, 2 friends, 1 bed.

Hey  troublemakers 

I've got a sexy nugget of a rom com for you...

Mari Rom Com Author Illustration_edited.

Hi, I'm Mari Sol

Somewhere between Hallmark movies and the SNL skits about Hallmark movies, there’s my brain. Yep, I write romantic comedies. My capable, assertive, and sometimes sarcastic female leads are adventurous and quirky, and the men who fall for them are absolutely worth your (er, their) time. My Halloween rom com, “Romance is Dead” hit #6 on Amazon for Holiday Romance and features a very cinnamon-roll hero.


As most people do, I started writing Rom Coms when I was a stressed out corporate director and needed the escape. So my books will send you somewhere fun, like a tropical beach (or a haunted theme park) for some relaxing self care time. I love the juicy bits - yes, all the bits - but I believe in making healthy relationships hot, so the juice will be made with kale, and probably a cucumber or two. *Wink*


If you want to know why you can trust my expertise in the romance and comedy departments, sign up to get my emails, and I'll share at least a few spicy secrets.

 I have stories to tell... 
 and you can read them! 
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The cover for Mari Sol's book Sick of This Ship. It features a photo of a fit white man with short dark har and stubble wearing sunglasses and a white fit woman with long brown hair in a black bikini. The man is facing away from the camera, his mouth wide in a smile as he holds the woman over his shoulder. The woman is holding one of the man's hands and her face is not visible. In the background is a faded out cruise ship. The bottom fades out to a peach background with the title and author written in white and turquise.
The cover for Mari Sol's Romance is Dead. The title and author are written in yellow font on a purple background. In the top left, a yellow moon glows, showing the outline of some bats. Centered is an illustration of a purple gothic house with large yellow windows on a hill, surrounded by bats. In front of the house is a black outline of a couple, a woman leaning against a man with her arms around his neck. Along the bottom border is black grass with hands coming up from it, a gravestone that reads RIP, and a jack-o-lantern.
The cover for Mari Sol's Fireworks Fade Fast. The title and author are written in dark pink handwritten lettering on a medium purple background. In the top left a yellow crescent moon glows, and the sky is full of dark purple stars. The cover centers a lake surrounded by the black outline of grass and trees, with a dark purple mountain in the back. Behind the mountain are multicolored fireworks that are also refelcted in the water of the lake. On the lake is a speedboat in motion with a woman in a wedding dress driving, holding a bouquet.
The cover for the compilation Six Summer Flings, featuring Mari Sol. On a light pink background, a border of brightly colored summer objects runs around the title and contributing author list. The border includes green plam leaves, orange and lemon slices, a straw hat with an pink band, a slice of watermelon, a pink iced drink in a glass mason jar with a green straw and yellow umbrella in it, and a small green boat with yellow sails. Centered below the title are a green and pink passport and a dark pink life preserver.
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An illustration of a mint colored pen with dark green grip and accents

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An illustration of two notebooks with medium pink covers, outlined in dark green with dark green spiral binding. The top notebook is closed and has sliver of mint green pages visible on the bottom. The bottom notebook is open to a blank white page that is mostly covered by the top notebook.


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